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Tips & Tricks: Internet Marketing Cheat Sheet


I started this as a brain dump and I thought I would share some of my tips and tricks before 2016 starts.  It’s a simple beginners guide to major areas of the Internet that most struggle with.  Also, it’s my way of helping someone or any business that is struggling.

I think it’s important to note that I did not get into this business 15 years ago because I love computers.  Far from it….I had an e-commerce site and with the help of all the “so-called” gurus, I got burned more times then I care to think of.  So, on my own, I set out to test what really works and what does not.  It’s was a painful road, but I finally cracked through to the other side and became profitable.

Since then, I’ve taken my learnings to the streets and I’ve helped hundreds of businesses (small to corporate, local to national) become profitable.  I hope this will do the same or at least get your business heading in the right direction.

If you have questions, please contact us….we give FREE website evaluations all the time.


  • Getting Started

  • SEO

  • Adwords

  • Local Business


So let’s get to it…..




Domain Names & Hosting:  My one stop shop is Bluehost.  I have all my clients sign up for an account (very cheap) and get their domain name & hosting there.  (hosting is where your website will reside)


If you already have a domain name but you do not have hosting, you can set up a hosting account at Bluehost and easily keep your domain name where its at.

“Why do I use Bluehost?”  Because their customer service is unmatched in the industry and their prices are very low. I’ve worked with hundreds of clients and different hosts.  Guys like Hostmonster, Godaddy, Hostgator, etc. have never EVER helped me the way Bluehost does.  They typically try to sell me something.

Trust me…you want a place that is happy to help you.  I can’t tell you how many times this company has saved myself and my clients.  They are located here in the US, their customer service team does not talk down to you, they typically fix issues on the phone and they know what they are talking about……..look, these guys are the best (period).

Websites:  Things have changed drastically in the last couple of years with websites.  We are starting to migrate and build on WordPress…and that’s where you should go.  WordPress does all design and programming for you which saves you time and money.

WordPress is free…..all you need to do is install it (a snap with Bluehost) and find a theme you like.  There are millions of Free themes to choose from, just do a search on Google for “Free WordPress Theme’s” and you will see.

No matter what theme you decide on, MAKE SURE IT’S RESPONSIVE.  Responsive means that your site will look great on desktops, laptops, tablets AND AUTOMATICALLY turns into a mobile site on any smartphone.  So make sure the theme you like is RESPONSIVE.


The theme we have been using lately is Divi from Elegant Themes.  It’s very popular with many designers and it’s very professional.  LOVE THIS THEME!!!


If you are still unsure about getting your site built or you don’t want to deal with it, go to, fiverr or you can contact us.  Both fiverr and freelancer typically employ (but not always) people from India, Pakistan, etc.  Read their testimonials and use someone with history.  Do not use someone who is new and has no experience.


If you want to build your site, GREAT!!!!  There are millions of videos on YouTube that shows you how WordPress works (easy).   I’ve seen great sites built by business owners….and they are great because WordPress does 95% of the work for you.  All you need to do is insert the text and images.


Look, this section is only basic SEO stuff…..just a starting point for you….nothing more.   I know how miserable it is to look for SEO information….how confusing it is… many experts there are out there.  I get it.  So I want you to understand that SEO is an art and a science.   My way of doing things may not be the way someone does it.   I do know that I’ve yet to miss the first page for any client….national or local… you can be the judge.

OK….the basic concept.  You need to tell Google what each page on your site is about and you need to SHOW Google how important you are with inbound links. Inbound links are KEY to rankings….very VERY important!


There a millions of inbound linking programs, link building companies, etc.  I would highly suggest reading about inbound linking before you hire a company or start it yourself. 

Obviously we do this service (I built my own private team) and have never missed the first page with any national or local client. 

Please don’t feel compelled to use us… if you want to talk, you can contact us


OK….Let’s get to it…..

You need to concentrate on 4 main areas ON EACH PAGE OF YOUR WEBSITE.

  • URL Address

  • Meta Title or Title

  • Meta Description

  • H1 on each page

  • Content on each page

You want to go after 2 LIKE key phrases on your home page, and only 1 one each sub page.  The home page is the most important page and should be concentrating on the MOST important key phrases for your business. 

Once you have decided on the key phrases for each page, you will need to insert these into the 5 areas above for each page.


For Example….You have a lawn care company…..


Home page would be something like this (again, this is just a very basic example):


URL:  you can NOT do anything SEO wise with your URL for your home page…only sub pages.

Title:  Lawn Care With Great Results

Meta Description:  MAK lawn care is a leader and we offer services from grub control to weed control.

H1:  Lawn Care That Saves You Money  (this is the top headline on your page.  You MUST have ONLY 1 on each page)

Content:  Pepper the word lawn care into your copy.  You MUST have original content and you need to keep this natural….do not stuff your key phrase in the copy.

A sub page on your site might be “Services”


Title:  Lawn Care Services by MAK

Meta Description:  Looking for reliable lawn care services?  MAK can help you

H1: Lawn Care Services

Content:  Pepper in the key phrase lawn care services.  Do not stuff…..keep it natural and original.


Special Notes:


  • Getting a key phrase in your domain name is a great idea

  • If you are going to use WordPress, get the free plugin called ALL IN ONE SEO PACK. This will allow you to place SEO on each page of your site





Main tips….and this is all very basic 101 things to remember.   Obviously you can get more aggressive and there are many tricks, but follow these bullets and you will be well on your way.


  • NEVER EVER EVER (unless you know what you are doing) EVER EVER run your ads on the display network.  Only run them on Google Search.  This is the first thing they ask you when setting up an account and where most clients lose tons of money.


  • Always start with phrase match key phrases. When inserting your key phrases, make sure you put “ around the key phrases.  So they should look like this in your  list:  “lawn care”    “lawn care services” .  The reason being is because if you do not include the “, your search is set to broad and you will (most likely) lose money.


  • Split test your ads. Don’t just run 1 ad.  Test  2-4 different ads and watch the CTR (click through rate).  Anything 2.5% or above means you are on the right track.  Pause the lower performing ads and then create 2 additional ads based off the winning one.  Then follow what you did before.


  • When building ads, look at your competition for ideas.  Use what they have but make it better.


  • Have different Adgroups for different key phrases.  For example….don’t  run lawn care key phrases with grub control key phrases.  Split them up and have ads specifically geared towards each group.


  • Conversion Tracking is a GREAT TOOL TO USE.  It will show you what Ad with what key phrase converted your visitor into a customer.


Local Business


So you want to get your business locally up on the search engines….but don’t have the money to advertise or for SEO.  Well here is the biggest secret around.  REVIEWS!!!!


There are 2 main places that I know for a fact do very VERY well for local businesses IF YOU GET REVIEWS.


Google Plus



All you need to do is build a Google Plus page for your business and build one on Yelp!  Then you need to get reviews on these 2 pages. 

Get reviews from every HAPPY client you can.  If you have to buy them a Starbucks gift card for doing a review, then DO IT! 

These reviews are part of the buying cycle.    If you get great reviews, you will be amazed with the results. First, your site will show up under the maps on the 1st page of Google (local searches).  Second, the 5 stars will close deals before they even contact you.  This has been instrumental with my simply pays dividends.






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