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What Every Business Owner Ought To Know About SEO and Internet Marketing

Some plain talk about Internet Marketing & SEO that often sounds complicated


MAK Consulting is a “boutique” SEO & Internet Marketing firm. We have helped hundreds of B2C and B2B (Frostline, XMRI, Label-Aire) clients with SEO and Internet Marketing. We have a select list of clients in the $1-21 million annual sales range who put the trust of their online marketing into the hands of MAK.

With all tracking applied, here are the 22 “tips” about Internet Marketing & SEO every business should keep in mind what approaching the Internet…



  • High Rankings With SEO Is Not Enough. Just because you get high rankings and folks come over on their own free will (pull marketing), it is up to your site to get them to do something. You need both working in harmony to gain conversions.


  • Key Phrases Are different. Depending on the key phrases you choose, try to think WHERE in the buying cycle a person would be if they typed that in. Some are urgent, some are fact finding, some are looking for specifics.


  • Use The Google Keyword Planner. Want to see how many searches are being performed for key phrases? Go to the Google Keyword Planner. It’s free and you can even put in a competitors URL to see what key phrases they qualify for.


  • SEO Rifle Shot Key Phrases. SEO has given you the chance to target your site to a specific audience. The days of shotgun advertising are over. Save money and target, target, target. You are not everything to everyone.


  • Don’t Recreate The Wheel. Look at where the “Big Boys” are ranked in Google. If you have a couple of leaders in the industry, have a trained eye pop under the hood and find out what they are targeting.


  • Are There Ad’s On The Pages For Your Key Phrases? If you don’t see Ad’s on the results page in Google, it’s a good indicator that this key phrase is not converting for one reason or another.


  • Too Good To Be True: This Is Not The Time To Find Out. Don’t ever put your site or your business in jeopardy. Cheap SEO, “we’ll give your money back”, or we have 10,000 clients prove nothing! Many companies do everything to fill their pipeline with results that are lackluster at best.


  • DIY SEO: The Shiny Button: Don’t Press It. SEO is a time consuming process. It has never been and will never be a process that can be done with a push of a button. Smash this idea immediately!


  • Link Building Should Be Done By An Expert. Too often we are given sites that have a terrible link profile and a result, their site is banned or “flagged” by Google. Do your own due diligence with anyone you are hiring for your SEO. Look at their reviews….see if they are in the US….call their customers and ask them about their success.


  • Hierarchy Websites Catch More With SEO: Make sure your site has levels that drill down to your services or to your products. Leverage each level with key phrases. The lower you go, the longer the key phrase.


Don’t Bring Visitors Over Just To Lose Them


  • Tell Your Visitor What To Do. Here’s a little something to help you get conversions. Have calls to action on your pages. Call them to action. If a visitor has no idea what to do, they will bail.


  • Two Step Selling Is What Turns A Good Business Great. One step selling is having a visitor buy something on your site when visiting. Two step selling is squeezing an email address out of them, then building a relationship via Eblasts. Companies that take their email lists seriously do significantly better with sales then those who only practice One step.


  • Above The Fold, Take It Seriously. Don’t hide your offers, deals, or merchandising factors below the screen. Don’t make a visitor scroll to find your great deals.


  • Stay Away From Jargon Unless You Are Using As A Qualifier. If a person doesn’t know what you are talking about with “industry speak”, then stay away from it. If you make a visitor feel foolish, they will determine you are not a good fit for them and leave.


  • Sell Benefits Not Features. What’s in it for them? What pain is your product or service going to stop? Why are you the best choice? What sets you apart?


  • Use Bullets and Short Paragraphs. We are all beautifully human and time is limited. Keep everything on your page short and sweet. Put benefits in bullets above the fold.


  • Give Your Visitor Every Opportunity To Convert. Phone Number, Quick Quotes, E-mail, Online CS Rep, Squeeze Pages, Contests, Merchandising Factors, etc.


  • Get Reviews! Video Testimonials. It’s a new day and the Internet has made it possible for us to read reviews before buying. Don’t miss this step. Get reviews on public sites (Google, Yelp!, Angie’s List, etc…) and let others read how good you are.


  • Mobile Site Is Not Just For Looks Any More. The amount of searches performed on mobile devices has eclipsed desktop searches. Don’t make your visitor “pinch and push”…get a mobile site to suit an “on the go” lifestyle.


  • Stop Looking At The Amount Of Visitors…you want quality over quantity. The amount of visitors over to your site is not an indicator if your SEO is working….it’s the amount of conversions.


  • Test Things. Leverage Adwords to test new concepts, ideas, offers before pushing them to your site. For “cents on the dollar”, you can see what works and what doesn’t.


  • Be Human. Show the world who you are and what has made you great.

Our findings apply to most categories but not all and this is only a fraction of the learning’s we apply to every website we work on. If you want to find out more about our findings, have more questions, issues or ideas, unique problem or would like a website review, please contact us below for a FREE individual 30 minute conference call or just ask your question with the form here.




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