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Monthly Link Building

Our Explosive Private Link Building Program Is Now Available To The Public & DIY’s!

Dominate The First Page  Faster Than You Dreamed Possible!


You want 1st page rankings?  That’s what we do best.

As owner of MAK, I’ve kept my personal link building team off the market. I found them, I trained them, I’ve poured thousands into the process…and the results are staggering.  I have a unique link building system that delivers 1st page rankings quickly and within any budget for even the most competitive key phrases.
The days of obsolete link building techniques from “so-called” experts is over. Stop getting robbed and get a SEO system that really works. We can explode your rankings and give you absolute power in Google!

And what’s so special about this process? We pay seasoned writers to create unique content relevant to your site then distribute the articles onto relevant high authority private sites. Which means we control what goes on and attacks from amateur link builders (98% of other SEO companies) are shut out.  Plus, we deep link into your site which generates an added lift in additional key phrases.
We don’t spam blast sites with 100s of spun content links like others do. Having 1.8K links back to your site looks good on paper but simply does not work! Our system does…….and you can dominate the 1st page with a very safe and amazing system.

1st Page Rankings

National, Local, B2B, B2c
Local Residential Services, Manufacturers, Rep Groups, Dentists, E-Commerce Stores, Doctors, Law Firms, Insurance, Software Companies, Tooling, Consumer Products, and many more.


Pay As You Go System
We are so confident this will work, we’ve made this a “pay as you go” system.  If you want out, you can get out at any time.  No haggling, no hassle.

Expert SEO

100% Independent
We are not a front to India or any 3rd world country.  We are experts and you can rest assured that experts are watching your business.

 Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this service for?
A) Businesses who want more traffic from the search engines but don’t have the time. We specialize in lifting rankings in all major search engines for businesses regardless of size. Whether you have a new or old website, a local business, or already rank on page 1 and want to push further to the top, then this is the perfect service for you.

I have no idea about SEO or link building, can you help?
A) Absolutely!  In our  kick off conference call, we can discuss your website, changes that need to be made and if you want us to make them for you.  You can always contact us if you are unsure what path to take.

What if I want to stop?
A) No problem…this is a pay as you go monthly system. If you wish to stop, simply contact us via email or you can go into your paypal and stop the subscription. You will no longer be billed or charged. We do not refund the current months billing.

Why should I trust/use MAK Link-building over others?
A) It’s simple.   For 14 years, we’ve helped countless businesses reach the 1st page of Google and have NEVER MISSED.  Some of our clients include national manufacturers, packaging corporations, high-profile consumer products, services in the top 3 major US markets, and many more.

There seems to be an endless amount of so called ‘seo experts’ online, however what makes us stand apart is the quality of links we build.  They simply work, and work well.

We do not engage in any black hat system such as spinning, spamming, or any automated link building software.  We deliver quality and your site should rank well into the future.

Do you work with advertising agencies, marketing houses or website designers?
A) Yes…we have many on our roster.

How much time do I need to dedicate to this?
A) Very little.  If you want us to help with your initial changes, we are happy to do so.  If you would like for us to play a bigger role with your site, contact us and we can discuss the next steps.

My site is penalized, can you help?
A) If you did something silly like a Fiverr gig, hire a company from India, get into a link sharing scam then we can do our best to get healthy links pointed towards your site, but we make no promises. Contact us and we see how affected your site is and what we can do about it.

I can only submit a certain number of Url’s/Key phrases. Does this mean my rankings for other relevant keywords won’t increase?
A) Not at all, think of the target keywords as the ‘parent-level’ keywords, by continually building high quality relevant authority backlinks (our job), your site will gain in overall authority in the search engines eyes and you’ll naturally rank for 100s if not 1000s of relevant long tail keywords.

For example if one of your target keywords was “new york personal injury lawyer” you’ll not only rank for this keyword, but you’ll also rank for many other variations such as “new york lawyer for personal injury”, “best injury lawyer in new york”, “cheap personal injury lawyer ny”, etc…..because we build links in a natural manner we use lot’s of related anchor text in the backlinks so you will rank for many variations of your target keywords. This is very important because over 70%+ of all searches performed are long tail in nature and most of your traffic will come from long tail searches. Most importantly we optimize your site for “buyer keywords”, i.e..keywords with commercial intent which makes a huge difference to your conversions.

How long do I need to use this service for?
A) Search engine optimization is an ongoing practice, there is no such thing as “one time blasts” even though some seo companies offer such thing (a total scam). Search engines love seeing sites that are continually attracting new backlinks as it shows your site is getting more popular on the internet and therefore more relevant to show up in search results, this is especially true in competitive niches where if you’re seeing a good return on your investment we recommend running our service indefinitely.

What type of links do you build?
A) First, we do not engage in any Blackhat techniques!  We only build high quality editorial back-links to your site, this means links contained with unique hand written articles. We place these articles on authority sites that are as closely related to your niche as possible. We don’t build (like 98% of the other companies out there) any spammy links such as blog comments, forum profiles, social bookmarks, directory submissions or any other links generated by using automated software as these links can get your site penalized. Search engines have always valued relevant authority links as the most important signal to your rankings in search results. We pay special attention to building links in a natural organic manner, we’ll use many variations of your target keywords, raw URL and brand name in the anchor text of the backlinks to keep your site safe from future search engine algorithm updates.

Do you provide link reports?
A) It’s becoming common practice in the seo industry to not disperse link reports due to prying eyes. It’s in everybody interests that the fewer people that know where your links come from the better off you’ll be. We regularly have our competition trying to decode our work and it’s for this reason we don’t disperse link reports.

Do you provide ranking reports?
A) Yes!  After you sign up, you will be given a link to your own ranking dashboard.  There you can watch the progress of your website rankings in the search engines.

Can you get rankings for highly competitive key phrases?
A) Yes!  We’ve helped out many with highly competitive key phrases both locally and nationally.

Are you available if I have questions during the month?
A) Yes….ask away!  Rarely are we ever logged off from the Internet.

What can I expect from using this service?
A) Within a few weeks of joining you’ll see your target keywords start moving higher in search results. If you’ve optimized your site you’ll most likely see page 1 rankings within 30-90 days depending on how competitive your niche is.

Are All Sites Accepted?
A) For the most part, yes. However we don’t accept sites that sell anything illegal, adult websites, racist/hate sites or counterfeit products. We mainly work with English websites from the USA, UK, Canada and Australia, however we do accept websites from other countries including foreign languages.

How Do I know this will work?
A) Easy, watch your rankings rise inside the rank tracking link we provide you after joining!

 Proof Of Our System At Work 










 How Do I Get Started

1) You’ve read this page and decide you want to take action with a powerful SEO system. 
2)  You choose the package that is right for you and pay via PayPal (credit cards accepted).  If you need a custom package, please contact us.
3)  After you order, you will be taken to page where you fill out your website address and target URL’s/ Keywords you wish to rank for.  
4) We will contact you to set up our kick off meeting and discuss any additional steps we need to make to ensure you receive the biggest benefit with our link building.
5) You sit back and relax, knowing full well the tedious job of SEO & link building is taken care of for you by a reputable SEO company that specializes in helping businesses grow their online exposure. All that’s left for you to do is service the increase in visitors coming to your website.

 You Get 2 Free Bonuses When You Sign Up!

Free Bonus #1: Our SEO Quick Tip Sheet. This is the EXACT formula we use to set up any site for SEO.  If you haven’t had any SEO done or just want to double check your work, this ensures killer results and sent to you immediately after sign up! (we will discuss this during our kick off call)
Free Bonus #2:  30 Minute Internet Marketing Conference Call.  This can be used at any time.  You can ask any question you want.  Typically clients pick our brain about sales funnels, squeeze pages and other lead generation tricks (affiliate leads, interruption marketing, eblasts, etc.).

Lock In Now Before The Price Goes Back Up!

Local Package

2 URL (4 Key Phrases)
$500 Only $399

Silver Package

4 URL (8 Key Phrases)
$900 Only $599

Gold Package

6 URL (12 Key Phrases)
$1100 Only $799



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