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Get Local Page 1 Google Rankings In 3 Simple Steps


So here is by far the easiest way to get page 1 Rankings in Google for your local business. It takes a whopping 5-10 minutes to set up and you will be listed on the 1st page no problem.


1) Set up a Google + Page for your business (if you haven’t done so already). Go here to set it up.


2) When putting in your information, make SURE you included the key phrase for your business in BOTH the Business Name and in the description, MAKE SURE you include your town and key phrase throughout the text. Judiciously use the key phrase and the town….don’t go over board.

Title Example: Matts Lawn Care, Matts Landscaping, Matts Auto Repair.

Description Example. In Anytown, Matts Auto Repair is the top choice. We’ve been servicing auto repair needs in Anytown for over 25 years. We do work on foreign and domestic models blah blah blah.


3) Get folks to give great reviews on your Google plus page. You should be getting reviews from your customers. A sneaky way is to have friends and family fill out a review (that’s totally up to you). If you follow this path, make sure they do not do it in 1 day and they do it from multiple locations. Again, all of this is up to you.

The more 5 star reviews you get, the higher your rankings will be in the map section on the 1st page of Google.



PS.  If you ever have questions or need advice you can contact us directly and we will answer any questions you have about ranking in search engines.

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