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MAK Consulting Co.
Owner of MAK Consulting Co. since 2000. Experts with search engine optimization, website design, programming, Adwords management and Internet Marketing
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(Owner Matt Kush was interviewed before presenting to the National Speakers Association in St. Louis, MO)

How long have you been an Internet Marketing Expert?

That is a great question, and to answer I should share my story.  My defining moment in my life happened in late 2000. About 6 months before, I had been laid off my corporate job and joined my father in an internet venture to sell highly impulsive products via the internet.

At the beginning, things were great. We were planning, crunching numbers, cracking jokes knowing that we are going to make millions with my father as a merchandising genius and I somewhat computer savvy. We were so excited and I kept saying to myself “We’re gonna be rich. We are going to be so rich.” After we launched our small business web site, we were not selling enough to make a profit and I started to get scared, I mean really scared. Then one week the orders slowly began to drop off. At that point, I just remember laying awake at night (my wife next to me and my 2 babies down the hall) thinking “Oh my God! How can this be? How can WE NOT be selling millions right now? What about the kids? What about the house?” I kept running things over and over in my head. We had our small business web site professionally built. We have ad’s running on Google. We were smart with our pricing. My father knows what products are impulsive and what we have are winners. So, what am I missing? How are others doing this?” I tossed and turned for nights on end just to awake the next day and walk into our tiny 10X10 office in Palatine. I’d sit with hopes that there would be orders and usually, there weren’t towards the end.

After days of the torment I took a step back and started to ask the question “What are we missing?” I mean we are educated and smart and know our business inside and out. So how come I keep hearing about everyone doing well on the internet and we can’t make a profit? The only thing that kept coming up was the fact that our site was no where to be found on the search engines unless we were paying for an ad. Could that be it? Could this be the key?

I just had to shut up the voices in my head and at that very moment, I made a commitment to immerse myself in absolutely everything that had to do with internet marketing, traffic and search engines. I read just about every book on internet marketing and search engine marketing I could get my hands on. I would call up SEO experts across the United States trying to squeeze some secret they use to get high rankings. I even took a Google Boot Camp course that was available. I essentially decided to become a mini-expert on how to get visitors to a web site via the search engines.

I tested all the avenues suggested by the experts and within less than 8 months, we were getting a good steady stream of orders. But the code wasn’t really cracked until a good friend of mind gave me an ebook about selling on the internet. The author was smart and gave one piece of advice that has changed my life. “If you think everyone comes into your site on the first page, well then you aren’t thinking like a marketing guru.

Right then and there, BAM…THAT’S IT!! I had it, I finally had it!!

During this process, I had an epiphany! The thing that I enjoyed MOST about my newly found treasure was that few knew about what I developed! Seeing what makes the search engine tick was the ticket for me.
Soon, my friends and colleagues heard about my discovery and kept pulling me to the side and asking “Matt, could you look at my web site and get me to the top like you did for your site? What am I doing wrong? Can you help me?” I’d give them two or three things to do and told them I will personally implement their homework on to their site. We’d wait a week or two and “BAM”!! They usually fell on the first of Google!!!!!!”

I have since made a commitment to dedicate the rest of my professional life to helping other self-employed, sole practitioners, and corporate marketing directors get their web site on the first page of Google and gain more visitors in record time.

Since then, I’ve worked with hundreds of private clients, spoken in front of groups, and have created The “Build it and They Will Come System”; a series of 10 important practice-building steps every web site owner needs to apply to get more visitors from the search engines.

What Type Of Clients Do You Have?

 I work with small business owners, mid size, national, and corporate….I work with everyone! People just like you trying to get their business to the next level who have never been taught exactly how to set up systems that will drive visitors to their web site. They are looking for a  web site that is always working on getting visitors and closing sales. That said, the professions I’ve worked with run the whole gamut.


What exactly does MAK do and what does it include?
Attracting a consistent stream of visitors begins with understanding what interests your ideal client; what their major struggles are, and what will make them buy your services. Then, it means taking serious action on it. 

Here’s what our efforts get you to do:


  • Make your web site a priority
  • Essentially, we clear the decks for what’s most important, growing your web site.
  • Find your Key Phrases
  • We will examine exactly what key phrases pertain to your business and what your competition is using. We determine which key phrase are not converting and which ones will. We will qualify any that are broad in scope.
  • Craft your client profile

Together, we will find out exactly who your ideal clients are: the WHO, WHAT, WHY, HOW of what makes YOU their problem-solver, as well as the best ways to reach them in large numbers and inexpensively.

We develop your compelling marketing message

In this phase, you will find out how to craft a marketing message, tagline and elevator speech that grabs attention, making people call YOU as opposed to you chasing after THEM. Tell them what your “compelling story” is, what will motivate prospective clients to work with you or buy your product, what makes your services unique, who your competitors are, what makes you different from them. We will also spend time with figuring out what you offer specifically in terms of results and benefits to clients.

Implement the selected key phrases and compelling copy..

This is done by me and is all behind the scenes coding for the search engines. I will rebuild all the coding for the search engines for our quest to gain the first page.

We then create lead generation material.

Here, we will have you see that it doesn’t work to PUSH your services or products and get you to start PULLING your clients in with specific materials and techniques that REALLY SPEAK to them. Hint: one stop shopping works only to a certain extent, if you want to sell, you need to lead them without pushing them.

SEO! SEO! SEO!  Diligent inbound links from trusted sites and directories.

This is a critical step in developing a good page rank with your web site.  Our teams are simply the best and custom for every client.  This is why all of our clients are on the 1st page of Google for main key phrases.

Become a master building more traffic after release.

It won’t serve you to put so much effort into your website just once a year. You need to keep building traffic and I’m going to show you how to keep building traffic for free. This step alone will start making you more money than you’re making now.

Implement systems for consistent action and results

There is never a time you will stop these steps completely—unless you want to not have a business. The good news is, we will implement true systems to make sure it’s never time-consuming or full of effort. The systems we put in place will almost run by themselves and soon, you will be literally seeing your site on the first page for many key phrases. Congratulations!!!

Does this really work?
Yes! The result of my work is an approach that over time and with your dedication, works consistently to gain the first page of Google and any other search engine for hundreds of key phrases that will drive more traffic than you would ever think about.

What results can I expect?
You can expect to:

  • Gain more visitors
  • Create a compelling marketing message that will increase sales
  • Make your company stand out in your industry and in the marketplace
  • Have created a Client or Customer Attraction strategy
  • With most likely 1st page ranking, more opportunity to have referrals sent to you from other businesses.
  • Create greater exposure and visibility for your business
  • Learn time saving techniques that will dramatically cut down your learning curve
  • Implement systems so you consistently market your services easily and can finally stop struggling to get clients, for good.


Can I contact some of your former clients to see what it’s like to work with you?
Yes, I encourage you to!

How quickly can I expect results?
Obviously, this depends on how long you’ve been in business and how much you put into the assignments I give you. That said, virtually all clients see results within the first couple of months in the form of increased visitors, clients who stay longer on the site, more revenue, turning more prospects into paying clients and more referrals from these clients.

Will I recover the investment I put into this program?
Yes, a resounding Yes! Many clients are excited to report that they were able to cover their investment within 3 months.

Matt, based on everything I’ve read and heard about you, I know you’re the one I want to work with. What are my options for getting started with you?
Congratulations on making a decision for success! I’m happy to work with you to achieve your business goals…
I only allow 2 new clients per month so please call me as soon as you can to discuss scheduling and proposal pricing.



MAK Consulting Co

125 W. Boeger Dr.
Arlington Heights, IL 60004

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